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Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever Heb. 13:8


A Very Warm Welcome to You!

This is the official website of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Sanctuary of Praise, Zurich. We are a group of happy people who have decided to live our lives following the example laid down by Jesus Christ. We have a common goal which is ultimately to make heaven, and to take as many as we can with us.

We like to meet new people, learn as much as we can from others, and impact as many lives as we can with good tidings, both in need, in deeds and indeed. We teach our members the pure word of God as led by the Holy spirit. We speak kindly. We care deeply. We love generously and we live simply.

If this short introduction of who we are is similar to who you are or who you want to be, we would be glad to see you in our next service. God bless you as you come to meet Jesus Christ, the author and the finisher of our faith.

Welcome once again and May God bless you Richly.

Join us to Worship God at the Sanctuary of Praise at

Industriestrasse 28,

8304 Wallisellen, Zurich. 



Come and Worship with us at Industriestrasse 28, 8304 Wallisellen Zurich


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RCCGSOP @rccgsop Father, as I do your will, show forth your glory in my life in the name of Jesus Reply Retweet Favourite 19 Mar
RCCGSOP @rccgsop Prayer: father, give me the guts to be thankful for who you have made me, where you have placed me and my assignment #RCCGSOP #SundayService Reply Retweet Favourite 19 Mar
RCCGSOP @rccgsop We are clay in the hands of the potter (God). If anything is wrong in us, we can ask him to reshape us Jer 18:4-6 #RCCGSOP #SundayService Reply Retweet Favourite 19 Mar
RCCGSOP @rccgsop Don't waste your time trying to impress everybody, you will never live a proper life if you do so. #RCCGSOP #SundayService Reply Retweet Favourite 19 Mar
RCCGSOP @rccgsop Our focus should be on the eternal. We should not be distracted by the troubles of this life Matthew 6:19-20 #RCCGSOP #SundayService Reply Retweet Favourite 19 Mar